Camilla Tisi

Starting from her date of birth, Christmas day, you could already tell that Camilla Tisi's life was going to be quite uncommon. 

Camilla followed her father's job around the world very early in age spending her childhood in international schools and had an opportunity to live in different continents across the world. This was only the beginning of a never ending tour of the globe which has inspired Camilla and cultivated a love for meeting people from different walks of life. 

Camilla started working in the fashion industry a decade ago, mastering an understanding of the entire process of fashion campaign creation, beginning from a client perspective and eventually passing on to the agency world at Management Artists in Paris - giving her a 360 degree view of production and casting working for some of the world’s top fashion brands and magazines. She also managed celebrity and talent casting bookings for editorial and commercial projects worldwide, garnering a network of contacts and clients. 

Throughout her ten years in casting and fashion production, Camilla has always been passionate about music. Attending concerts, underground parties and traveling the globe to discover the best music festivals worldwide, she connected with numerous artists and people who work behind the scenes. Camilla recognized a strong link between the fashion and music industries and with this in mind she founded Paris based TO THE MOON STUDIO offering music consulting for brands and events. Furthermore, for unique music composition and creative sound design for the fashion world,  TO THE MOON STUDIO  partnered with ZEROKILLED MUSIC - a composers’ collective and boutique music production studio founded by Tricky’s former singer Costanza Francavilla.